REECS is an internationally recognized Philippine-based think tank committed to building resilient societies by providing policy recommendations and sustainable solutions to the questions of governments, private businesses, and communities, on the environment, economy, and governance, through state-of-the-art technology, local knowledge, and professionalism.


REECS has worked with various institutions in both local and international spheres. Our portfolio of clients include non-government organizations, multi-lateral institutions, national agencies, local government units, and private sector entities.


The company’s pool of consultants come from a wide range of disciplines, from which most are from the fields of: agricultural and resource economics, natural resource management, water, IEC, institutional strengthening and capacity building, protected area management, and mapping. REECS also have experts in climate adaptation and disaster management, statistics, public health, environmental/ chemical engineering, fisheries, urban and regional planning, and policy studies.




REECS specializes in sustainable management and economics of the environment and natural resources. Alongside tackling both contemporary and enduring challenges of sustainable economic development, environmental protection, climate change and disaster resilience, and health and social development, REECS also integrates innovative and participatory methods and tools in every project undertaking. Our core expertise are embodied into four thematic areas: